The Third Social Contract Summit 



We will be publishing more details on the sessions over the coming weeks and issuing invitations.
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The sessions

Session 1, Tuesday 3 November

Net zero and a green recovery


How might public purpose frame the role water companies could play in the green recovery from the consequences of Covid 19? 


How can we advance on all fronts of the ‘green part’ of the recovery, including net zero, nature recovery and the improvement of natural assets?

How should the expenditure be funded and progress measured and regulated?  


What lessons might we learn for future environmental investment, markets, regulation, partnerships and innovation? 


Session 2, Tuesday 10 November

If not now, when? Can water companies act as community anchors against the economic storm of Covid?

What measures can water companies take to support customers – domestic and business – during the economic fallout from the pandemic? 

How can water companies support local communities, including through skills, training, and employment?

What actions can the water sector take to support the resilience of the supply community, including fairness, collaboration, transparency?

What does being a responsible employer mean in the ‘new normal’? 

How can we maximise the amenity value of land and water bodies including reservoirs, wetlands and rivers?

What opportunities are there for cross-sector partnerships on the above?


Session 3, Tuesday 17 November

Protecting the ‘other NHS’: how can we rouse communities to care about water? 

Can social contracts offer an alternative to existing policy on reducing water consumption? If so, how do we awaken the latent power of communities to act? 

What lessons are there from Covid 19 for deploying individual and collective action to add societal value? Who needs to do what and how?

What does this have in common with how we use and reuse other resources, such as wastewater, waste, waste heat and energy?


Session 4, Tuesday 24 November

Fresh eyes: young professionals’ perspectives on the social contract

Building on the Social Contract Summit Young Professionals Webinar we held in summer, we plan to devote the final session of the 2020 Summit to providing a platform for young professionals to present their views to sector leaders on public purpose in a pandemic, wider social contract issues, and the role young people could play in driving the agenda.


One of the key objectives of our work on the social contract this year has been to capture and incorporate younger people’s views on the future direction of the industry, given the long term and intergenerational nature of public value creation.