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THE WATER REPORT is renowned for its accurate reporting  and informed analysis of regulatory, policy and competition issues in the UK water sector.


Get what you pay for

It is a paid-for, subscription-only publication – there are no free copies outside trial subscriptions. Our renewal rate has remained above 95% since our launch in 2014.



We focus exclusively on the UK water and sewerage industry, providing reports in-depth analyses.



We specialise in  policy and regulation with a dedicated section – Competition Watch – covering retail and upstream competition developments. 


To-the point

Every Monday we provide an online bulletin – The week in water – with to-the-point reporting of the week's top stories in water sector regulation, policy and competition.

  • All UK water companies – WASCs and WOCs at board and senior management level

  • Water retailers accounting for more than 95% of the business customer base, at board and senior management level

  • Economic and environmental regulators  – UK and overseas – at board level

  • Government departments 

  • Trade bodies – UK and overseas

  • Consumer and other interest groups and NGOs

  • Major non-household customers

  • Investors and financiers

  • Infrastructure and supply chain companies 

  • Advisors and other service providers including consultancies, law firms, and recruitment companies

  • Overseas readers – including national regulators

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