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  • by Trevor Loveday

Yorkshire Water begins spray lining for drinking water networks

Yorkshire Water has begun a programme to address “structural and water quality issues” with 14km of its drinking water network using spray-applied lining.

Project contractor, Morrison Water Services, said it anticipated spray lining will “reduce cost and embedded carbon both by up to 60%.” It said the process “reduces the disruption for customers, by reducing the time and extent of street works needed” compared to traditional replacement schemes. Morrison claimed the spray lining will “ensure the pipe network has a design lifespan of another 50 years.”

Yorkshire Water’s asset planning manager, Nathan Sunderland, said: “Having lining as an alternative to mains renewal will contribute towards hitting some challenging performance commitments, as well as achieving our financial and carbon targets. We look forward to using this technique for the remainder of AMP7 and beyond.”


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