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  • by Trevor Loveday

UK sets out plan for greater climate change resilience

The UK has set out its approach to prepare for the effects of climate change with enhanced resilience at home and overseas – its Adaptation Communication.

Speaking at a recent summit marking the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement, environment minister, Rebecca Pow (pictured), said: “The impacts of climate change demand urgent action, and we are determined to be global leaders. We must adapt to these impacts at home and overseas.

"That is why the UK is fulfilling a key commitment of the Paris Agreement and asking others to do the same both at today’s Climate Ambition Summit, and ahead of the [United Nations’ Climate Change Conference] in Glasgow next year as we come together for our planet.”

Chair of the Environment Agency and the UK Commissioner to the Global Commission on Adaptation, Emma Howard Boyd, said: “The global race to net zero is essential to limit their rise, but if we don’t prepare for new extremes we’re on a hiding to nothing. We also need a race to resilience.”


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