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  • by Trevor Loveday

Second Innovate East event to focus on zero carbon

The second water industry innovation event, Innovate East, will comprise three events over the coming year with a focus on the water industry's net zero ambitions.

The event, will be run by the the organisers of the inaugural 2019 festival, Anglian Water and Northumbrian Water subsidiary, Essex & Suffolk Water, along with Yorkshire Water. It will use the sprint approach that condenses research and development projects into a few days.

The three sprints will cover:

  • hydrogen-based solutions, including how water companies can facilitate the production of hydrogen to become self-sufficient;

  • nature-based solutions and technology-based solutions with examples including treating ammonia, how to reduce flooding risks and how we can exploit upland catchment management; and

  • technology-based solutions looking at how we can minimise emissions through the acceleration of trialling, testing and applying technologies at scale while overcoming regulatory and financial blockers.


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