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  • by Trevor Loveday

Scottish Water launches three net zero projects

Scottish Water has unveiled three strands of its programme to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2040.

The trio comprises:

  • completion of a £2-million solar power scheme in Perth;

  • plans to deploy a newly acquired fleet of 20 electric vans by April 2022; and

  • plans alongside Forestry and Land Scotland to develop lands and catchment areas around Loch Katrine as a carbon emissions sink.

The solar scheme is the utility’s largest and first to include battery storage facilities to enable around 94% of the renewable power generated to be used on site. The 1 MW scheme will, according to the water firm, generate about a quarter of power needed to treat Perth’s wastewater , The project includes the utility’s first rapid electric vehicle charging facility. The recently acquired 20 Nissan e-NV 200s need to be adapted for use iby water quality samplers, technical teams and network operatives.

Under the Loch Katrine project Scottish Water’s lands and catchment areas around the loch will soak up emissions from human activity which cannot otherwise be eliminated said Scottish Water. It said it and Forestry and Land Scotland were working to maximise the biodiversity benefits of around 5,000 hectares to lock up greenhouse gases through measures including “smart approaches to peatland restoration, planting and re-planting, forest and land management, natural regeneration and biodiversity.”


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