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  • by Trevor Loveday

Scotland polls on proposed new nature recovery laws

Nature recovery targets could be set in Scottish law in line with those for climate change, under proposals to protect and restore the nation’s natural environment.

The Scottish government is seeking views on its plans and actions “to accelerate nature restoration and regeneration”.

Biodiversity minister Lorna Slater said: “We are especially keen to hear the views of the stewards of our land and seas - farmers, gamekeepers and fishers who have the knowledge and skills to drive the transformation that is needed.”

Director, RSPB Scotland, Anne McCall, said: “This consultation gives me hope as it kickstarts a process that is the biggest opportunity for nature in Scotland that I’ve seen in my 25-years working in conservation.”

NFU Scotland Director of Policy, Jonnie Hall, said: “With more than 70% of Scotland’s land under agricultural management, farmers and crofters have a unique role in the stewardship of our habitats and wildlife.

"We will encourage farmers and crofters to participate in this consultation as it offers an opportunity to shine a light on all the great work already being undertaken on farms and crofts as well drilling down on the full range of reasons that lie behind any biodiversity loss.”


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