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  • by Karma Loveday

Resolve to Bin The Wipe, Water UK urges consumers

Water UK has launched a New Year’s resolution-based campaign, urging people to make 2024 the year to Bin The Wipe.

It published accompanying research which found 17% admit to flushing wipes down the loo, with 43% believing it is safe to do so; 41% citing habit; 36% convenience; and 14% because they have no bin in the bathroom. 76% said they were aware of the harm flushing wipes can do.

More widely, 31% admitted to disposing of other unflushables including nappies and period products down the loo, and 88% said it is important to them to protect homes, the environment and animals.

Water UK said blockages caused by unflushables cost £200m a year. The campaign secured the backing of water minister, Robbie Moore.


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