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  • by Trevor Loveday

Partnership looks to boost digitally-led innovation in East

Anglian Water and non-profit business centre firm Allia have formed a partnership to equip the water company and other businesses East Anglia for digitally-led innovation in “global challenges around environment, sustainability and social issues.”

The partnership said it aims to “support and stimulate open innovation and broader collaboration with other sectors.” It is inviting established companies with dedicated corporate innovation teams, as well as “entrepreneurs and start-ups with their own novel or disruptive technology.”

The venture is based at Allia’s Innovation Lab in Peterborough to provide support for projects that “align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and aims to play a pivotal role in inspiring new generations of innovators who have the mindset and appetite to question, challenge and create.”

Director of strategic delivery and commercial assurance at Anglian Water, Jason Tucker, said: "The work environment over the past six months has changed immeasurably and it is important that people have the space both in person and virtually to be able to develop ideas, the innovation lab provides a safe and controlled environment to allow this to happen."


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