Ofwat to boost investor engagement in pursuit of "responsible capitalism"

Ofwat has called on the investor community to get more involved with its work, in particular to contribute to the advancement of its strategic goals for the water companies which had the opportunity to be "exemplars in responsible capitalism."

In a letter, chair, Jonson Cox (pictured) and chief executive, Rachel Fletcher, said Ofwat was “looking to enter a new phase in our engagement with the investor community”.

They explained: “Our board and leadership want to listen to investors actively, understand their concerns and draw on their expertise, and we will be increasing our engagement with the community to show this.” Various opportunities to engage are planned, including events and a “listening panel”.

Mentioned specifically in the letter were what investors can do to support the industry to generate economic growth, improve the natural environment and support local communities, as well as respond to external challenges, particularly over dividends and leakage.

The letter said there was “an opportunity for water companies to become exemplars in responsible capitalism, delivering on the benefits of the ESG agenda”.