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  • by Karma Loveday

Ofwat consults on 2021-22 greenhouse gas and recovery reporting

Ofwat is seeking feedback on its plan to mandate a standardised reporting requirement for operational greenhouse gas emissions and for voluntary reporting of embedded emissions for the 2021-22 reporting year. This is part of a wider consultation, open until 8 July, on proposed changes to Annual Performance Reporting requirements for that year.

The regulator has previously set out its intention to introduce mandatory standardised reporting for both operational and embedded greenhouse gas emissions over the coming reporting years, as shown in the table.

Elsewhere the consultation asked for views on green recovery related reporting, including costs, non-cost items and performance commitments. It also covered reporting suggestions put forward by the Competition and Markets Authority, as well as a host of other matters including bioresources, Covid impacts on the business retail market, and jointly owned assets.

Final reporting requirements will be set out in Ofwat’s Regulatory Accounting Guidelines, due in late 2021 and effective for the 2021-22 reporting year.


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