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  • by Trevor Loveday

North West partnership looks to signpost change in river management across the UK

United Utilities and The Rivers Trust have formed a North West partnership with a model that could “signal transformation for all rivers in UK and Ireland.

The duo said its innovative approach “taps into green financing to deliver results and value for society.” to tackle the big challenges facing rivers in North West. The partnership formalises an existing and long-established relationship between the water company and the NGO. It has claimed its approach could be replicated throughout the British Isles.

It will, the organisations said, “build better competence for more urgent action to tackle challenges that are increasingly important to society, such as pollution, flooding and water abstraction and help deliver adaptations and resilience to combat the extremes of climate change.”

United Utilities' chief, Steve Mogford, said: “This is one of the most ambitious partnerships United Utilities has ever embarked upon and it provides a blueprint for a new framework of environmental collaboration and investment.”

United Utilities expects the new partnership will facilitate longer-term planning of investment priorities, beyond the current five-year regulatory cycle, allowing faster adoption of nature-based solutions and other collaborative ventures.


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