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  • by Karma Loveday

NI Water to raise business bills by 4.7% from April

Northern Ireland Water is to increase bills for non-domestic customers by 4.7% from 1 April.

Measured bills will rise by 4.1%; unmeasured (charges are based on the Net Annual Value of the customer’s premises) bills by 5.3%; and trade effluent bills by 6.8%.

Director of finance and regulation, Ronan Larkin, explained: “We are aware this is a challenging time for businesses and the economy. Like many of our business customers, NI Water continues to face significant financial pressures from continued high energy prices, high inflationary conditions, and other cost increases.

“Whilst any increase is of course unwelcome, we have worked hard to ensure most of our customers will see their bills rise by less than inflation…

"NI Water continues to invest in water and drainage infrastructure to support health, the economy and the environment in Northern Ireland. Sustained investment in maintaining and growing this infrastructure is important to continue to meet the needs of all our customers.”


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