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  • by Karma Loveday

Nature-based solutions to play a prominent role in South Yorkshire flood action plan

A partnership involving Yorkshire Water, the Environment Agency, local councils and others has launched an action plan to address flooding across the whole South Yorkshire region using a combination of flood walls/barriers and nature-based solutions.

The Connected by Water Action Plan combines 144 actions and 100 projects with investment of £400m to better protect over 17,000 homes, businesses and infrastructure across South Yorkshire.

The plan was conceived after devastating flooding in the area in 2019 and the partners have been working it up ever since. It has now been published for consultation until 11 March.

South Yorkshire mayor, Dan Jarvis MP said: “A key part of this is using natural solutions to cut flood risk, like tree planting and land management, because it doesn’t just tackle flooding, it helps with nature recovery and gets us closer to our target of Net Zero carbon emissions by 2040 at the latest. Climate change is leading to increased rainfall and rising sea levels which hugely increase flood risks, but by introducing nature-based solutions to the mix we can break the cycle.”


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