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  • by Karma Loveday

MOSL trims 1% from charge rise and publishes business plan for voting

MOSL has trimmed back the costs proposed in its draft business plan in response to feedback, and published its final 2024-27 business plan for water wholesalers, retailers and self-suppliers to vote on.

The draft plan put forward a charge increase for the main budget of 12%, driven predominantly by the cost of Market Performance Framework Reform and inflation. The final plan proposed an 11% increase, a reduction of £110,000 taking charges for 2024-25 to £13.5m. MOSL explained it had reduced the cost of the Data Assurance audits to £140k (a reduction of £70k) and reduced other core costs by £40k, through a range of small savings.

In addition, it has reduced the cost of the wholesaler-only funded element of the Data Assurance service by £120k, from £550k to £430k.

MOSL commented: “We recognise the cost pressures on trading parties but are clear that further cost reductions are not possible without compromising on the scope of our improvement programmes or the value they will provide to the market and its customers.”

Voting is open until 29 February.


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