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  • by Karma Loveday

Ofwat seeks to end shortfall in retailer representation on Code Panel through greater flexibility

From 1 February, any retailer will be able to fill seats on the Code Panel set aside for particular retailer types (three for those associated with wholesalers and three for unassociated retailers), should there be an insufficient number of nominees from the retailer class in question.

Under code change CPM034 approved by Ofwat last week, nominations for any retailer vacancy on the Panel will be invited from both retailer types. Nominees from each retailer class will be prioritised for the seats allocated to them, but should this number fall short, nominees from the other class will be eligible, with voting arrangements amended to reflect the change.

The move followed a persistent (since April 2019) shortfall in associated retailer representatives on the Panel (two out of three seats filled), while there has been competition within unassociated retailers for their three seats.


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