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  • by Karma Loveday

MOSL reports support for Market Performance Framework reform proposals

MOSL has reported overall positive support for the proposals set out in the Market Performance Framework reform consultation that ran in October and November.

Publishing the responses, it said: “There was clear support for the list of activities that support market outcomes proposed in the consultation. There was also agreement the list of market risks and issues identified was complete and clearly formulated. Most respondents felt that activities had been mapped correctly to the risks and issues they help mitigate and that the list of intervention types was complete.”

MOSL added: “While we received overall support around the prioritisation of activities, we also received a number of suggestions around how some of them could be reprioritised.”

It will publish its response in the new year. Programme director John Gilbert said: “The feedback highlights we are on the right track and can move on to deciding which components may be applied and when. This will form part of a further consultation in March 2023.”


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