MOSL reports on its second quarter performance

MOSL has published its second quarterly report, covering the progress it has made against its newly defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and progress against its 2020/21 business plan commitments.

In its report the market operator highlighted key successes in the quarter as:

• the extension of PwC’s contract to serve as the market auditor for one year (2021/22);

• the appointment of independent consultant, Satori Board Review, to undertake the review of Panel effectiveness;

• the approval of the full business case for the Bilateral Transactions Programme and the acceleration of the pilot;

• the Panel’s approval of the five identified priority areas of the Strategic Metering Review and an initial assessment of the highest value pain points; and

• the development of updated Paired Improvement Plans to assist wholesalers and retailers to collaborate on key issues such as occupancy and long unread meter readings.