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  • by Karma Loveday

MOSL pushes adoption of first bilateral process back to September

MOSL has slightly delayed the start date for the first bilateral process (being dealt with through its Bilaterals Improvement Programme) to be adopted by all trading parties, “to reduce pressure on multiple work streams”. The market operator is now targeting early September rather than the start of August.

MOSL explained: "Since January, the team has been responding to the programme’s ‘amber’ RAG status by tightening the programme and increasing resource. While this response has had an effect, it has not closed the gap sufficiently.” Programme director, John Gilbert, continued: “Despite our best efforts, we are at least two sprints (four weeks) behind where we wanted to be and have compressed the timelines as much as possible. There is no longer any headroom to accommodate changes or delays on any of the various workstreams."

However, he said more widely that progress was good and that the programme would be "delivering significantly more functionality than envisaged originally”. MOSL added that the decision reflects its “strong desire to not jeopardise the excellent progress made by sacrificing quality for expediency”.


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