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  • by Karma Loveday

MOSL moves to gated process for central data cleanse in its 2023-26 business plan

MOSL has revised its proposed approach to a centralised CMOS data cleanse in its business plan for 2023-26, open for consultation until 25 January.

The market operator noted there was support for the improvement of data, “but there was contention about the scale and cost of the challenge to address this, and a desire to prove the veracity of the assessment findings prior to committing to a central cleanse, at scale. There was also concern from a number of wholesalers about the precedent being set for funding the activities through wholesaler only Market Operator (MO) charges, particularly before work on the reform of the Market Performance Framework has completed.”

In response, MOSL has written to concerned wholesalers to be clear that the central data cleanse will not set a precedent for future MO charges being levied on a particular member category. In the business plan consultation, it has adjusted its proposal for 2023-24 to move to a gated approach designed to “demonstrate the veracity of the data findings at each stage and help parties understand the full cost and impact of correcting the data. ‘Proof point’ one will be the review and cleanse of ineligible premises with ‘high confidence’ and a proof of concept for a mix of address cleanse and enrichment use cases at smaller volumes. This approach mitigates the potential impact on retailers from a large-scale address and eligibility cleanse and reduces the costs of the service in year one to circa £550k (covering third party costs and MOSL resource).”

The wholesaler-only funding mechanism is requires a code change, CPM050 ‘Data Cleanse Funding’, which is being consulted on in parallel.

MOSL’s 2023-26 business plan provides for core services and five multi-year improvement programmes:

• the Bilateral Transactions Programme;

• the Strategic Metering Review;

• Market Performance Framework Reform;

• Modernisation of Systems; and

• Central Data Cleanse Service.

The total proposed 2023/24 budget is £12.15m, an annual increase below the rate of inflation. The final plan will be published on 7 February for member voting.


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