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  • by Karma Loveday

MOSL argues interim supply levy should be collected outside of settlement

MOSL has proposed that any levy that is raised on business customer water bills to cover interim supply costs, should a retailer exit the non-household market, should be collected outside of the settlement process.

The proposal was set out in the market operator’s response to Ofwat’s interim supply consultation. MOSL explained the while it supported the ex-post levy approach, it would be complex and expensive to change the Central Market Operating System to enable interim supply cost recovery. It argued this should take place outside of settlement, with MOSL recovering costs directly from retailers who could in turn recoup the money via an additional item on customer bills.

Elsewhere, MOSL said Ofwat’s proposals would not entirely remove the risk of interim suppliers not stepping forward, given the process would remain voluntary. It therefore advocated for a wider programme of changes to ensure there is comprehensive provision in the event of a retailer failure.

• MOSL has published a new data dashboard which provides a high-level overview of trade effluent discharge points (DPIDs) in the market. The data can be interrogated by owning retailer and wholesaler and volume discharged. DPIDs are also presented alongside attributes relating to their associated supply point, including tradeable status and vacancy status. A second page displays DPIDs on a map with postcode and ownership information. See:


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