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  • by Karma Loveday

Liberal Democrats call for Ofwat to be abolished

The Liberal Democrats have called for Ofwat to be abolished and replaced with “a tough new independent regulator with real powers to protect our beaches and rivers from sewage dumps”.

In the latest move in its campaign to stop sewage ‘dumping,’ the party criticised: water companies for their performance and levels of executive pay; the government for ignoring Lib Dem calls for a sewage tax and bonus ban; and Ofwat for being “the powerless accomplice in the Conservatives’ environmental crimes”.

The Lib Dems said: “Our new regulator would force water companies to clean up the mess they’re making by investing their profits in fixing our sewage system and reducing leaks. It would have the power to hand out unlimited fines and, if necessary, to prosecute companies who fail to meet these legal duties.”


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