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  • by Karma Loveday

Latest code changes

CPW130 – replacing the current reason codes for when Transfer Read (the first read taken by a new retailer when a customer switches, to enable a final bill from the old retailer) is estimated with an updated standard list. In the two years between April 2019 and April 2021, 62% of Transfer Reads did not take place and 93% defaulted to the ‘NA’ reason. The new codes are more granular and will provide a better understanding of why estimates rather than reads are being used.

CPW120 – to allow wholesalers to enter estimated meter reads as Final Reads in CMOS (when removing a meter from the market such as following a site reregistration or meter exchange), with a reason code, where a visual final read is not available – for instance, if the meter is broken, missing or inaccessible. At present, there are no rules on what wholesalers should do in such circumstances, leading to inconsistency.

CPW126 – currently wholesalers can only invoice retailers within eight months following the issue of the invoice period’s Final Settlement Report. Where subsequent changes are made – for instance, after correct payments have been received from customers or data errors have been rectified by retailers – wholesalers can be left out of pocket on legitimately owed primary wholesale charges. The change extends the recovery period to 28 months in defined circumstances.

CPW070f – adjustments to support the implementation of the Bilaterals Hub.


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