Isle Utilities chair call on water sector to lend hand to Beirut disaster aid

Water industry best practice forum, Water Action Platform has launched a new, centrally held register of water professionals who can contribute to disaster efforts as a response to the explosion that occurred in the port of Beirut, Lebanon on 4 August. Its creator intend the register to be permanent resource to assist in future catastrophes.

According to Dr Piers Clark, chairman of Isle Utilities, which hosts the Water Action Platform, he set up the  Crisis Response Register following the explosion in Beirut after spending days searching for a register global water professionals who could be called upon in times of crisis, to find no such register existed. “In fact, I was told, if such a thing did exist it would be hugely valuable,” Clark said.

 He said the register is for “water professionals who feel they may have something they could contribute – be it for Beirut or any future disasters. Whether you work within a water utility directly, or are part of the supply chain – contractor, consultant, tech company - your input, and perhaps that of your organisation, could makes a difference.”

The explosion killed more than 200 people died and injured 7,000 injured leaving 300,000 homeless and up to US$15bn of damage.

“My thoughts turned to the water and sanitation challenges that this accident has created in a country which already had unsatisfactory infrastructure. For thousands of families the coming winter is going to be incredibly tough,” Said Clark, adding: “Ensuring that there is no cholera outbreak and protecting them from Covid-19 are going to be particular challenges.”

Industry professionals wishing to join the Crisis Response Register can register HERE