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  • by Karma Loveday

Governments consult on water efficiency product labelling proposals

The UK government and devolved administrations are consulting until 25 November on proposals to mandate water efficiency labels in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The intention is to introduce a separate water label from the existing energy label for display on toilets, urinals, kitchen sink taps, bathroom basin taps, non-electric shower outlet devices and shower assembly solutions, dishwashers, washing machines and combination washer/dryers.

The consultation suggested the label could save 1,200m litres of water a day as well as £125m on water bills, based on 2019 prices. Because hot water use is the second largest use of energy in a home after space heating, the paper also pointed out the scheme could save an additional £147m on energy bills over ten years.

The consultation covered: the proposed approach; products covered by the label; label design and features; label display; standards to support the label; costs; and benefits.


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