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  • by Karma Loveday

Government body details plan to curb highway outfall pollution

Government body responsible for UK strategic road network, National Highways, has published a 2030 Water Quality Plan, which details how it will mitigate water environment pollution from its high-risk outfalls and soakaways.

National Highways said it has 1,236 potentially high risk sites. Its plan deals with mitigating the risk from 254 of these: the 145 verified as high risk and 10% (109) of the unverified high risk sites (1,091) based on verification rates to date.

It intends to build funding for this work into its negotiations for the Road Investment Strategy 3 which runs from 2025-2030, based on a back-loaded schedule.

National Highways said it would pursue targeted activities to prioritise activity in the remaining two years of the current period to 2025, which are achievable within current funding levels.

Commenting on X (Twitter), Stormwater Shepherds director of operations, Jo Bradley, said: “National Highways has published a 2030 Water Quality Plan. It is so unambitious that it is pointless. They have over 25k outfalls and soakaways but they are proposing to install mitigation schemes at 4 of them this yr! How can that possibly be adequate?


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