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  • by Karma Loveday

Extra services edge MOSL’s early view 2024-25 budget up

MOSL last week shared an early look at its business plan for 2024-27 ahead of formal consultation, as part of what chair Anne Heal described as a “no surprises” approach.

As in previous years, MOSL will present a detailed plan and budget for year one, with a cost forecast and longer term view for the second and third years.

Finance director Steve Formoy said in year one, core costs and improvement programme costs would remain flat in real terms, but there would be a 7% increase from two upward cost drivers:

• £815k for Market Performance Framework improvement work

• £70k for new support provision for the Retailer Wholesaler Group.

The total budget for 2024-25 was £13,035k before inflation, which is expected to have a 5% impact given half of MOSL’s costs are people related.

In addition, Formoy shared that as per last year, wholesalers would be asked to contribute £550k on top to fund continued data cleanse/assurance work.

• This weekend, MOSL’s Central Market Operating System release 14.5 was due to be deployed alongside the rehost of the production environment from the CGI data centres to our Microsoft Azure estate. The rehost followed approval from acting CIO Sarah McMath and the board Data and Digital Committee.


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