Everflow sells its quoting tool to rival retailers and appoints tech chief

Everflow Group has made the price quoting tool its retail arm Everflow Water uses to enable brokers to provide swift water quotes to small and medium sized businesses available to other retailers.

The group has also appointed a chief technology officer, Paul Williams, (pictured) to manage this process and develop further products.

Everflow said its Simple Quoting tool provides quotes in “seconds rather than days” and has been a key reason behind Everflow Water’s record as “the fastest organically growing water retailer in the market, gaining over 68,000 SPIDs.”

Everflow already sells its Eclipse retail management and billing software to others, and the new move is part of a wider strategy to open up access to the water market technology developed by its development arm Everflow Tech.

Everflow Group founder and chief executive, Josh Gill said: “The Simple Quoting tool was the secret to Everflow Water’s engagement with the SME segment of the market who want to switch quickly. We don’t proactively sell our services directly to SMEs, we use brokers, and this tool has proven invaluable to them. They love it because it’s the key to hitting sales targets in water.

“Some may wonder why Everflow Water gave us permission to sell on their USP – the Everflow Group has a clear vision; "make utilities simple" and this applies to the market as a whole. We want it to succeed and we want customers to have a positive experience.

"Switching rates remain low – with ever more retailers and brokers using Simple Quoting, switching will increase across the board.”