Create 51 bags contract to produce Water Resources South East publications

Communication consultancy Create 51 has won a three-year contract to lead the content generation and production of all public-facing documents for Water Resources South East (WRSE).

Organisational development director at WRSE, Trevor Bishop, said: “Our documents need to translate highly technical work into clear, concise and accessible material, and support effective engagement with a broad range of stakeholders so they can actively participate in the development of the plan.

“Not only does Create 51 have a good understanding of the technical work that needs translating, but they are able to challenge the evidence-building process and potential areas of challenge and conflict that emerge – which will be critical to explaining the rationale behind our decision making.”

Create 51 currently provides strategic engagement and communications support to WRSE. This latest contract award will ensure strategic oversight of the links and interdependencies between the documents being produced and the activities required to engage stakeholders on WRSE’s work.