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  • by Karma Loveday

Covid-19 Repayment Schemes requirement extended to 31 July

In light of the Government’s decision to delay withdrawing the remaining Covid restrictions, Ofwat has extended its obligation on water retailers to provide Covid-19 Repayment Schemes to non household customers affected by the pandemic.

These tailored payment scheme requirements were scheduled to be in place until 30 June. As the final step of the reopening roadmap – the easing of all legal limits on social contact – will now not take place until 19 July, Ofwat has extended its Covid-19 Repayment Scheme requirement until 31 July.

Under the measure, retailers must offer pandemic-hit non household customers tailored repayment schemes until the end of July. There is nothing to stop retailers continuing to operate Covid-19 schemes beyond that date.

In line with the decision, the associated requirement for retailers to submit monthly reports to Ofwat and CCWater, relating to the customer uptake of repayment plans and debt recovery action, was also extended until 31 July 2021.


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