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  • by Karma Loveday

Covid-19 levels in Scottish wastewater jumps by 20%

The latest government monitoring indicates that levels of markers for Covid-19 in Scottish wastewater have increased by 20 per cent week on week.

Analysis just published showed average Covid levels in samples from 106 sewage plants on November 2 was some 68m gene copies per person per day (Mgc/p/d).

This compares with 56 Mgc/p/d for the week ending 26th October, an increase of approximately 20%

Levels of virus detected in wastewater had peaked in line with recorded infections in recent months. But while case numbers have crept up only slightly in the past fortnight, sewage monitoring detected a sharper hike.

Levels of Covid-19 genetic material in wastewater collected at sites around Scotland are adjusted for population and compared to seven-day average daily new case rates derived from local authority and neighbourhood level data.

The administration noted that Covid-19 levels in wastewater “are still high, similar to those early in the year or shortly after the July peak” giving weight to concern that Covid-19 cases are set to surge.


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