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  • by Trevor Loveday

Climate change gets low priority in infrastructure design say civil engineers

Two out of three civil engineers do not feel climate change is adequately prioritised in infrastructure design and delivery, according to findings from a study by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE).

The ICE poll of 900 UK members members found that 66% of infrastructure professionals felt greenhouse gas emissions were given less or far less importance than they saw as needed. Some 59% had the same view of climate change adaptation. A lack of joined-up thinking was the primary blocker for both issues for 47% of respondents with 44% seeing absence of each issue from project briefs as the chief problem.

The survey report, What Makes Good Design? included recommendations for industry stakeholders and policy decision-makers for the establishment of frameworks to sit alongside existing carbon accounting tools.

The survey findings included:

  • greenhouse gas emissions and climate change adaptation are often not considered;

  • 15% of civil engineers consider greenhouse gas emissions and climate change adaptation at all times during their work.

  • demographics is the most neglected issue among civil engineers when considering the impact of their work, while quality of life is the most-considered;

Among responses from various sectors, 42% of = water sector respondents underlined the importance of engaging with end users.


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