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  • by Trevor Loveday

CCW demands increase in Guaranteed Standards Scheme payouts

CCW has listed trust in the water sector; fair and affordable bills; and resilient water services as the overarching elements of its recently unveiled draft strategy for 2024-25. And it has reported an “inflation-only” increase in its costs for 2024-25.

In the draft, the customer champion calls for an increase in minimum payments under the Guaranteed Standards Scheme (GSS) which defines minimum standards of service for customers on things like supply interruption and sewer flooding. And it has demanded also, that new standards are introduced.

CCW claimed the payments have “not kept pace with customers' expectations. There has been no review of payments or standards since 2008. There are also inconsistencies across England and Wales.” CCW wants to see minimum GSS payments increased and new standards put in place. 

CCW said it will continue to work with the water companies to ensure that  their plans are in line with the Water UK commitment to end water poverty by 2030. 

Under its fair and affordable bills aim CCW has pledged to work to help the industry achieve and end to water poverty by 2030 and to seek value from PR24. “CCW doesn’t believe consumers should have to choose between affordable bills and investment in improving services. Through the Price Review process, we will test all the water companies’ draft determinations for acceptability and affordability, and press for any changes we believe are necessary."

Under resilient water services CCW has committed to ”continue our campaigning work to help people, businesses and communities reduce their water use to alleviate pressure on natural resources.”


It said it will collaborate with the water sector in “helping people value water and change their behaviour.” It added: "CCW will push the industry to act on demand management as an essential pillar in meeting the Plan for Water’s 2050 110 litre-per-day usage target for England, via our ARID proposal, in conjunction with Ofwat’s Water Efficiency Fund.”

It forecast an increase in its costs of 3.4% to 27.2p per bill payer. For staff costs it said it has used 4% and for other costs, based on Consumer Price Index, it as used the 2023 November inflation rate of 3.9%


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