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  • by Karma Loveday

Bioresources strategy recommends keeping options open

There are four potentially viable options for bioresources for the medium-to-long term, a project by Water UK, CIWEM and Atkins in collaboration with water companies, regulators and other stakeholders has found.

Incineration, thermal conversion, recovery to agriculture and resource production could all feature, the experts said, after working together to establish a long-term national bioresources strategy for England and a route-map with adaptive pathways. This is because there is uncertainty about the future regulatory framework, the need for further work including to develop markets for non-traditional routes, lead time issues and local contexts to take into account.

That said, the Bioresources strategy produced by the group and published by Water UK highlighted: “There are opportunities for wastewater and bioresources asset planning to be better aligned with signs that consensus is shifting towards alternative outlets instead of land application of biosolids.” It recommended continued research and collaboration, and the establishment of a National Bioresources Strategy Governance Group to ensure ownership and delivery of this project’s outputs.

The work was undertaken “due to emerging risks, uncertainty regarding the sustainability of existing predominant strategies, potential opportunities, emerging technology and bioresources management trends”.


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