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  • by Karma Loveday

Arqiva connects its millionth smart meter

Communications service provider, Arqiva, has connected the millionth smart water meter to its fixed network.

The high resolution data that smart meters provide supports water company leakage identification work and water efficiency promotion.

Analysis from Arqiva and Waterwise found that fitting one million smart water meters in the UK each year for the next 15 years could save one billion litres of water a day by the mid-2030s and could reduce the UK’s current greenhouse gas emissions by up to 0.5%. A further report carried out by Frontier Economics and Artesia, and commissioned by Arqiva, shows that a coordinated rollout of smart metering would deliver £4.4bn in benefits to society against costs of £2.5bn.

John Lillistone, director of water at Arqiva, said: “This milestone marks an important step towards helping the UK’s water management capabilities in light of the water scarcity warnings laid out by the Environment Agency. Our recent findings clearly identify how smart metering technology can address the country’s water deficit, as well as help the government work towards net-zero emissions by 2050.”


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