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  • by Karma Loveday

Anglian urges industry to plan for the worst on global temperature outlook

Anglian Water chief executive, Peter Simpson. has urged his fellow industry leaders to get “fit for 4” – to prepare to cope in a scenario where global temperature rise by four degrees.

Speaking at last week’s Waterwise conference, Simpson argued: "I believe one of the things we should be thinking about is not just hoping for the best in terms of impact of a changing climate, but actually planning for the worst. But what does the worst look like? By the end of the century we're expecting an increase in the average global temperatures of four degrees.

The latest report by the Committee for Climate Change showed that most companies aren't even planning for a one and a half degree temperature rise and yet 50% of our summers will be hotter than in 2018 and have a 10% increase in rainfall.”

He reported that Anglian Water was seeking to make its region “fit for 4” adding: "My rallying call is to use the springboard of the recovery from Covid 19 to embrace water as a precious resource which is central to the climate emergency. By being smarter, more integrated and even more collaborative we can rise to this, the greatest of challenges, to do the right thing for our customers and the environment.”

Elsewhere, the week-long digital Waterwise conference thoroughly explored how water efficiency links with the climate emergency. See the next issue of The Water Report for full coverage.


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