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  • by Trevor Loveday

Anglian sets shorter shower challenge

Anglian Water has reported that the average Britons showers for an average of eight minutes a day – three minutes longer than the recommended shower time and wasting more than 12,000 litres a year per person. It said reducing shower times to five minutes in the East of England would save 200Ml of water a day.

The company has launched a challenge to customers to cut shower times to five minutes a day, which it claimed will save households more than £100 in energy and water bills each year with savings of £56 on energy alone. It said the third of the population that spends ten minutes a day the shower could each save £74 in energy and water bills.

As part of this Shorter Shower Challenge campaign, Anglian is offering free kits which include a shower timer to help save water in the bathroom.

Anglian reported also that a poll of customers revealed that only one in eight correctly estimated that a five-minute shower uses 55 litres of water. And a quarter of those polled thought that their daily shower was 20% of their daily water usage compared to the reality of some 70% of the average person’s daily total water usage of 136 litres coming from showering.


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