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  • by Karma Loveday

Acute climate and social pressures in East England demand "substantial" infrastructure upgrades

The East of England needs ambitious water infrastructure investment if it is to thrive in the face of challenges second only in the UK to those faced by London according to findings from consultant, Capital Economics.

The report, commissioned by Anglian Water, analysed socio-economic, climate and geographic factors across the country over the next two decades, to identify how these forces combine to present unique challenges.

For the Anglian region, the pressures were found to be acute: temperatures will be hotter than the UK average; rainfall, at 1.9mm per day, will be less than anywhere else in the country; population will grow by 720,000; Norfolk and Suffolk are emerging as key hydrogen power hubs; and the Humber region is home to the UK’s largest opportunity for industrial decarbonisation. Meanwhile 75% of land in the region is used for agriculture, with the east producing one-fifth of the country’s crops and a third of its vegetables.

According to Anglian: “The opportunities to supercharge the region are clear – from new homes to new green industries. However, substantial upgrades to water infrastructure will be needed to unlock the full potential of a region that is water scarce, vulnerable to climate change, has a fast-growing population and a nationally-important agricultural economy that relies on water to feed the nation.”


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