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  • by Trevor Loveday

British Water enlists protective workwear suppliers to ensure full provision

British Water has recruited support from the UK trade association for suppliers of protective clothing in providing the UK water sector with personal protective equipment (PPE)] amid growing concerns over availability during the pandemic. Meanwhile British Water has highlighted the issue that “not all items [of PPE] fit women correctly.”

The UK water supply sector association reported that chief executive of the Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide (PCIAW), Yvette Ashby, pledged that her team “will do all it can” to direct UK water sector businesses to suppliers of protective regulatory compliant protective workwear through it global membership and affiliations.

On the alleged lack of personal protective equipment suitable for women Ashby warned: “If PPE is not fitted correctly it is ineffective and dangerous.” She went on to emphasise to businesses buying PPE for staff “it is their responsibility to advise the supplier of what they want in terms of volume and fit.

British Water said Ashby gave her reassurances after its chief executive, Lila Thompson, “reached out to the association on behalf of the water sector after concerns were raised about the availability of regulated items.” In a statement to the water industry, Thompson said: “We understand that demand may have an effect on both availability and pricing of protective clothing and equipment but the PCIAW can help you steer through these challenges.”

Ashby told British Water “I must remind all those who are sourcing protective equipment that it is a highly regulated sector and items must meet the required British standards,” adding the all employers have a responsibility to make sure their people are dressed correctly.”

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