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  • by Trevor Loveday

Anglian chief appointed co-chair of UK business climate change lobby group

Anglian Water chief executive, Peter Simpson, has been appointed co-chair of a group of UK businesses seeking to accelerate UK progress in tackling climate change.

Simpson (pictured) will co-chair the UK Corporate Leaders Group (CLG) alongside , non-executive chairman of EDF Energy, Colin Matthews. The group had its first meeting recently and urged the UK government to “deliver a clear UK strategy for accelerating climate action.”

The UK CLG works with the UK government and is a sister group of CLG Europe which has a global focus on delivering a net zero carbon economy.

The first meeting of the UK CLG, which took place this week, called on the UK government to show strong climate leadership with a clear strategy for climate change.

As well as Anglian Water and EDF Energy UK CLG includes Unilever, Tesco, and Coca-Cola.


Anglian first

Anglian Water has claimed to be the first company to set out how it is preparing for the impacts of climate change in Defra's latest round of adaptation reporting under the Climate Change Act.

Anglian has published its draft adaptation report for consultation. In it the water firm outlines the key risks including physical risks from drought and flooding as well as risks to the region's natural capital. The report highlights the importance of working with other organisations and customers to make the East of England resilient to the impacts of drought and flooding.

The report to includes a description of some of the risks that arise from making the transition to a lower-carbon economy; in particular, the financial risk and opportunity associated with securing investment and managing its energy and carbon costs.

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