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  • by Karma Loveday

Water at bottom of pile of public sector saving priorities, Water Plus finds

Public sector employers could be doing much more to reduce water consumption and save costs, according to research from Water Plus.

A survey of 500 public sector employees found just 25% had been encouraged to reduce how much water they use at work, while 83% had been urged to cut paper use and 74% to reduce plastic consumption. Respondents said water savings sit at the bottom of the list of priorities for employers, which also included glass (42%), food (32%) and energy (31%)


Moreover, less than a quarter (24%) said their employer had water reduction targets in place while 67% believed the organisations they work for could do more to encourage them to cut their water use at work. Interestingly, 62% said they had cut the amount of water they use at home, 52% of which had done so because they are concerned about their impact on the environment, compared to just 32% whose motivation was to curb spending.

Chief executive of Water Plus, Andy Hughes, said: “While we’re seeing a clear trend in people becoming more conscious about how much water they use, the research highlights the significant potential for employers to introduce new initiatives to cut consumption at work that could not only reduce bills but also enable them to become more environmentally sustainable. This is not about suggesting workers are wasteful in their water use at work but increasing awareness and encouraging them to take a responsible approach wherever they are."

Flowing in the right direction: water use in the public sector is available to download HERE

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