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  • by Karma Loveday

Bristol Water tracks progress in social contract

Bristol Water has published the first update on the social contract it launched in January 2019.

As well as detail on how its social contract has developed throughout the year, Bristol sets out in a report how it has delivered its first set of social contract initiatives, and how it is contributing to the progress of the wider sector’s Public Interest Commitment goals.

The company highlighted that social contract performance reporting is far from easy and is work in progress. It said: “The main challenge we have faced to date is time and pace of change. Achieving our social purpose and measuring public value benefits in a transparent and accountable way is not something we take lightly.

"Our contribution to meet the increased expectations driven by the climate and ecological emergencies, even in the short time since we launched our social contract, has emphasised that we cannot deliver this in isolation of others. In this spirit, we continue to seek all feedback and ideas to improve our impact.”

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