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  • by Karma Loveday

Environment Agency issues open consultation on the future of rivers

The Environment Agency has opened a six month consultation, open to all, on the future of rivers.

Its Challenges and choices consultation seeks views on how river basin districts should be managed from 2021, when the current 2015 River Basin Management Plans are due to be updated.

The agency said: “We urgently need to protect and improve our waters and find a better balance that meets the needs of people and nature.” It cited a huge range of interests which depend on rivers and the wider water environment, including health, development, industry, agriculture, the economy and wildlife.

It pointed out: “The climate crisis and a growing population are adding to these pressures and without concerted action will lead to irreparable harm to our planet, ourselves and future generations.”

The consultation, open until 24 April 2020, covers specific challenges which include:

  • River flow

  • Climate change and the biodiversity crisis

  • Chemicals in the water environment

  • Pollution in our waters

  • Invasive non-native species

  • Physical modifications to our river habitats

  • Ways of working.

  • The eight river basin districts covered by the paper are the Anglian, Humber, North West, South East, South West, Thames and Severn & Northumbria river basin districts

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