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  • by Trevor Loveday

Retail giant applies for self-supply licence

Retailer John Lewis has applied for self-supply water and sewerage licences (WSSL).

The WSSL would enable John Lewis to provide retail services to its department store chain, John Lewis and Partners with 51 sites and to its, supermarket chain, Waitrose and Partners with 349 stores, which both qualify as associate companies.

According to the licence application, water management firm, Waterscan, will, in partnership with John Lewis, facilitate the application and provide technical support and services while John Lewis builds relationships with wholesalers.

John Lewis said it considers that “self-supply is a further innovation that will allow it to drive a change in process, influencing its water strategy and targets, as well as offering it a customer voice in the market. It will also give it the opportunity to take more control over water usage and data, deal directly with wholesalers and improve its water strategy.”

It said water efficiency is becoming a key focus in its strategy to 2028.

Waterscan will take on the role and responsibilities for the retail functions including meter reading, wholesaler management and finding further water efficiency savings. Waterscan will also complete all transactions on the Central Market Operating System (CMOS) operated by MOSL and pay water and sewerage charges through the settlement process run by MOSL.

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