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  • by Trevor Loveday

Thames forges ahead on plans for fixing leaks with deals totalling £200m

Thames Water has signed eight-year contracts with suppliers worth a total of £200 million in a programme to reduce leakage by 15% by 2025. Thames said the agreements have enabled it to target opportunities to reduce leaks by 430Ml/day – a 16% hike on its easier target for the year.

The suppliers are:


PN Daly


Morrison Utility Services

Crowder Consulting


The contracts have been awarded to the suppliers for each of Thames’ three regions according to the following:

North London: Hydrosave (reserve supplier: PN Daly)

·South London: PN Daly (reserve supplier: RPS)

Thames Valley: RPS (reserve supplier: PN Daly)

Thames said the contractors will deploy a range of leak detection methods including traditional sound tests, acoustic logging and desktop modelling. And they will be required to attend quarterly forums to share the latest ideas, techniques and best practice.

Thames has signed a separate contract covering a leakage detection campaign using innovative approaches to best understand full water usage within given part of it network. Individual area issues will be briefed to the five suppliers asking for their proposed solution and financial payment model. The preferred supplier list is: Morrison Utility Services, Teccura, Crowders, Invenio and PN Daly.

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