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  • by Karma Loveday

Nottingham becomes the second council to go self supply

Nottingham City Council has applied for self-supply retail water and sewerage licences.

Ofwat is consulting until 29 March on the application to self supply 377 supply points including operational sites, communal areas and Nottingham City Homes properties. The council believes this model will enable better performance monitoring, budget control and customer service, and facilitate consumption reduction.

Alongside the decision to self supply, the council is introducing a Water Efficiency Loan Scheme which it hopes will enable more water to be saved and further bill reductions. Ofwat said Nottingham anticipated 10% savings from paying wholesale prices only and from greater consumption efficiency.

The application is thought to be the first instance of a customer applying for a self supply licence without service and support from Waterscan. Blackpool Council was awarded a self supply licence last year, with Waterscan as managing agent.

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