Defra sets out scope of third round of climate change adaptation reporting

June 8, 2018

DEFRA has said responses to its consultation on its proposed strategy for the third round of the Adaptation Reporting Power under the Climate Change Act have given it a “clear mandate” to pursue the proposals it consulted on. The Department will now develop its strategy on reporting on the basis that:


it continues to be voluntary, but in line with the reporting requirements under the ARP of the Climate Change Act;


the primary objective is that the process supports the integration of climate change management within organisations, with a secondary objective being that the process lends support for national and sectoral assessment of preparedness and feed into the Adaptation Sub Committee’s reports to Parliament;


sector templates/guidance will be developed with reporting organisations, which reflect the objectives and principles of reporting;


the reporting window will be 2019-2021, with the final deadline of 31 December 2021. 

Water companies will continue to be within the scope of reporting;


DEFRA said it will lay before Parliament its National Adaptation Programme, incorporating the government’s strategy for adaptation reporting, this year.


Source: Summary of responses A consultation on the government’s proposed strategy for the third round of the Adaptation Reporting Power



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