CIWEM awards Honorary Fellowship to Waterwise managing director

Waterwise managing director Nicci Russell has been awarded Honorary Fellowship of the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM). She was recognised for the contributions she has made in the field of water efficiency and customer engagement over a 20-year career in policy, regulation and campaigning.

CIWEM’s chief executive, Terry Fuller,said: “CIWEM’s Honorary Fellowship is a prestigious award, held by an exclusive group of people who have made an exceptional contribution in the field of water and the environment. CIWEM awards it to people it particularly wishes to honour: it marks the Institution’s appreciation of their work related to water and environmental management. The award is in recognition of the contributions Nicci has already made which CIWEM anticipates will continue.”

Russell said: “It’s brilliant to have water efficiency celebrated in this way. I look forward to working more closely with CIWEM, and continuing to bring people together to drive water efficiency, for the sake of the environment, society and the economy. ”