Research finds fatberg warnings fail to stem tide of threats heading down drain

Wastewater and drainage company, UKDN Waterflow, has claimed that findings from its research indicated that daily consumer habits could be creating many more drain and sewer blockages. And young people think fatbergs are funny.

Despite recent high-profile television coverage of the causes of fatbergs in London, UKDN found that a quarter of people surveyed would pour cooking oil down the sink and over 20% would pour meat fat. Furthermore, millennials were six times more likely than the over 55s to pour cooking oil down the drain.

Other disturbing findings included:

  • 13% of people flush medicines, that are hazardous to marine and river life

  • 14% of people flush various wet wipes; and

  • just under 15% of women flush either tampons, applicators or wrappers.

The survey found that 20% of millennials wouldn’t care or would be “amused” were a fatberg found under their street.

The research findings are HERE