SME switching awareness no better than last summer claims consumer watchdog

The Consumer Council for Water has called on retailers and others with an interest in the business retail market to up their game on spreading the word about switching, after its latest customer survey revealed awareness of the market has not shifted since last summer.

The CCW January survey found only 38% of small and medium-sized businesses were aware of the option to switch supplier, barely different to its August 2017 survey.

Chief executive, Tony Smith, said: “We want choice to work for everyone, from the smallest to the largest business, but that relies on customers having an awareness and understanding of the market. All of us in the water sector need to ask ourselves are we doing enough to reach out to small businesses and help them understand why this market is worth engaging with. At present our research shows there is a lot more to do. We must not allow awareness levels to stagnate.”


Small and medium-sized businesses awareness of the retail water market